ZOE Wedge Flip Flop Sandals by COBIAN

$ 23.00 $ 40.00

The Zoe from Cobian is a lightweight charmer that makes a big style impression. A distinctive wedge gives you a lot of lift, but thanks to EVA construction and built-in anatomical arch support, it’s also effortless to wear. The waterproof strap and nylon toe post means splashing along the beach-front is a definite option and the heart-motif outsole tread leaves adorable tracks in the wet sand.

Cobian sandals and footwear, developed in Southern California, has grown with the surf culture and has kept those within it stoked. With a grassroots attitude and vision, Cobian sandals seeks to provide the best product out in the market. Keeping an ear to the beach and a glimpse on the runway, Cobian sandals sets off to define what their lifestyle is all about.

  • Soft Braided Synthetic Strap
  • Squishy EVA Top-Sole 
  • High Fashion Wedge
  • Heel Measures Approximately 3"
  • Platform Measures Approximately 1.5"
  • Anatomical Arch Support
  • Rubber Bottom Sole